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My Baba had a computer in the house since 1985. I used to always see him work on this highly addictive piece of machinery, till I got one myself. He passed on a PC 286 to me, now look at the pride 'I had a computer in my room since the second half of 1994'. After a few months I was breathing a massive surprise, He brought a Packard Bell 486 Multimedia. Now I wish you could see me drool over it!

I started using the Internet as a student using a shell account. this happened in 1995, imagine a kid just entered college having a EMAIL ADDRESS?? Moved on very quickly to learn what Internet life is all about. I soon found myself very deep into computer graphics, got my first job at Purple Pixel as a web designer and a graphics guy. I then got into learning and working on computer animation and worked on a few animation projects. By this time I had quite a lot of practical experience on digital electronics and computer networks. It was now time to deiced between graphics and computer networks.

 I made up my mind, I chose computer networks. Then went on to study and complete my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). Got my second job at Goldstar Jewellery, SEEPZ. Worked as a part of the systems team. An year later got my third job at Captech Online. This was a break that gave me loads of experience and confidence on computer networks. I have been working on varied networking technologies and computer security.

One day received a mail from ISC2 saying there is a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) test in Chennai. Somehow I applied for the test. Studied for approximately forty five days and appeared for the test. Then came a surprise I still cant believe "I PASSED".

Now that I am a CISSP I plan to move on with network security and specialize in one of the subjects in network security itself. All I have done is given my self a wonderful start to my professional career, All I Wanna Do is to carry on and make somebody out of Myself.