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An un-imaginable shift from being the biggest bastard I ever knew to the warmest, fun person I ever will know. He has been around for a very long time and just feel so much better all the time to know he is my best friend. Hmm and moreover he works for PCS!!!


SPARROW BRAIN is the coolest girl you could ever find. Believe me I haven't come across one incident when she has said a 'NO' to something. I owe my CISSP to her for all practical reasons. 'MI' thanks you so much for what you have been to me.


TEEGIT!! The only King of DONKEYS!! He has to be the most flashy and well dressed gentleman in the crowd. Neat but always dumb. Oh! I rather not say that coz, if he hadn't been himself I wouldn't have been here calling him names.


The award for the biggest KRRRATE CHAMP of the century goes to "GHODA" (You dare not call him that). Black from the outside but I am sure the inside is full of thoughts of just how to get my hands on.... Moreover he is also a great friend to me.


She is my Brat! full of fun and stories about how I did this to him ha ha ha... Human being suddenly turned mad?? now you know who did it. Other then that she is offcourse a wonderful friend. Guys don't you dare eye her!!
(I made sure the snap was disturbing) 


Lollie! the way she is calls herself a dehati girl. But believe me don't you ever carry that illusion. Moreover she has left all of you toiling behind to be an investment banker!!! What a smart ass?? Just hope you are enjoying life.... and keep quacking!!!


Hey Mr. Sumeet Fado. I am sure you are one of the top 6 most wonderful people on earth. (others on the list can fight for the 5) I wonder how much bribe would have gone into making a champ like you. Keep going you are doing good for yourself.


Anyone less then 5ft can be her soul mate and just in case you are a Mal'lu the you can be considered a world beater. But FYI she has always been out with guys double her size... now isn't that an achievement. She is one of the most stable headed creature I have known. And she has chocolates to give you!


Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi, Neha Didi. I know how much you hate that. Ok people, now here is someone who tried giving her cell phone a bath. Jokes apart you are awarded the first place for understanding this nerd! You are just so cool.


Angelina is an architect. She is a very nice girl. She has always been good to me. She wakes me up every morning. She never fights with me. She always wants to be good to people... But somehow her instincts over rule her mind. She loves cheese and potatoes. She also likes to jog. She is the most dil-dar friend I have had. Thank you Angelina for all you have given me.

Dinesh Chedda & Hemant Salunkhe

Hemant has always been one of my closest friends, friend who always stands up and stands by. I have always looked at him to try and solve my problems. Right from solving issues on the playground to me and myself. Just want you to be on top. Keep going dude! Dinesh is one of the most brilliant chaps I have known for such a long time. He was one of the first guys in the gang who started doing great for himself. Believe it or not at a point in time I did pick lots of inspiration from him. Humble, kind, warm and FUN. Off late has put himself into lots of trouble. Or rather should I make it self explanatory "HE GOT MARRIED!!"


Preeti "an almost Doctor". She scares me with the SKULL she has. Anyways she is my first illegal wife. Sweetest that one could find. Brainy that one could be, she has it all to make it to the top. I am sure I will have to take an appointment to see her someday. 


Tuff Man!! the macho is a super rider, a foreign return, a climber and a pro at CAD. Awesome qualities to have in a neighbor. Brings me stuff from abroad and never gets paid. Just cant imagine the talent in this silent whistler!!


The smallest creature on earth is none other then my 'TINKU' she is have my size. Somehow I have managed to separate her from Preeti (at least I have done the impossible on the web). She is bright, she is a great listener and she has loads of patients. She is also a to be doctor. Right now she is treating people in Loni. I just want her to finish her course and get back home. Keep missing her all the time...