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To speak it out in one line "MUSIC IS ALL I NEED TO KEEP ME GOING" in other words I would suffocate with no music around me. I am happy I play music, I am low and feeling down, music does the trick. I love singing with my tracks.

I listen to all kinds of stuff. Rock, POP, Trance, Ambient Trance, Hip Hop everything. Ok my favorites are Bryan Adams, Dire Straits, Madonna (Ray Of Light),  U2, Mr. BIG, Paul Oakenfold, The Prodigy etc. My favorite track?? hmm "Heaven - UNPLUGGED" By Bryan Adams. I occasionally love playing music for my friends. I wish I could be a Radio Jockey   :(

The only good thing I have done in my life "WATCHED BRYAN ADAMS LIVE!!!"

I am a workaholic to the core, love to spend time at work. I need to have a very cozy place to work. My room makes the best environment. When in the right mood I can sustain without sleep and just go on. Love working on newer technologies like to learn more all the time.

I just am so lucky to do stuff I like. I think its very important to enjoy stuff you do. Like working on networks, delivery mechanisms, digital electronics (My fav. subject), network security offcourse and acoustics.

I treasure my time out of work and so love spending it in doing something that keeps me happy. Listen to music, read or the best possible holiday would be a trip to the hills in the sun. Love to be with my friends and spend times that might never come back again.

I am quite a sporty person, the fact that I am more lazy then I am sporty is the reason I am here talking about myself when I have nothing to do. Love Cricket, Soccer and follow most of the other sports. My "GOD" Sachin Tendulkar. I don't need to talk too much for him coz you might just find out that "THIS GUY IS OUT OF HIS HEAD"