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Ratan Gadh - May 2001
Ratan Gadh was a beautiful adventure done by four of us viz. Dinesh, Hemant, Bhushan and Myself. This place is close to Nasik. The best part of the trip was when we got lost in the hills thanks to me!!

Gorakh Gadh
Beautiful climb which eventually gets a little....woof! Anyways I guess all of us promised each other that we are never going to climb again. Great trip with Hemant (B) bike breaking down (quite a useless piece of junk!). People on the rock were Hemant(B), Bala, Hemant(A), Chirag, Dinesh, Bhushan, Baba (My Dad) and Myself.

Dutchess Nose
There is one secret that I am going to let out right now..... and that is we were supposed to conquer Dukes Nose. Some how, I dont know how we reached Duchess Nose. The trip was quite well attended, by Swamy, Swati, Hemant(B), Chirag, Bhushan, Dinesh, Dipti Bhabi, Simran, Sachin and Myself. The other half of the secret is that people blamed me for taking the wrong turn..... now are you going to believe that???